The Taste of Luke's Inn

Luke’s Inn has been serving its loyal locals good food at reasonable prices since 1985. More than three decades later, the restaurant industry has seen many changes, but the Luk family sticks to what they know: classic Chinese, American, and Polynesian dishes you and your family love.

An Important Place in the Local Community

39 years later, Luke’s Inn is still bringing families together, now serving new generations. Though these days, life moves a lot faster and the pace is busier; people don’t always have the time to sit down and eat together. Despite the changes, Luke’s Inn continues serving delicious take out that tastes just as great as you remember it, whether you dine in or bring it home to your family.

Our customers come back time after time because there’s something about Luke’s Inn you can’t find anywhere else. “We tried another place, and it just wasn’t the same,” they say. We understand sometimes it’s about more than just; it’s about comfort, family, and community. We’re honored to have such an important place in the community serving good food to our local families.

Delicious Reviews

Come taste for yourself what locals already know. Luke’s Inn has the best Chinese, American, and Polynesian food in Rhode Island.